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We discover the world with the different angle. We are empowering the villages, connecting them to better jobs, offering and market places.


we build world-class software and mobile apps from remote villages in India.

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we provide quality education for the farmer kids to enable them to face the world.

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we are bringing technology for the villages to connect them to opportunities and the global market.

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We determined to change the life of the villagers, we decided to give them maximum using technology and connections we have. Baap experiences center brings healthcare, farming, educational, marketplace and governance under one roof. We designed the rural premium membership system linked to every individual’s identity which provides unique experience of buying medicines, getting medical tests, buying garments, getting government schemes, seeking advises from lawyer and CAs, leasing farming tools, buying groceries and selling farm produce.


Stopping the irregularities in the healthcare space. We are disrupting the rural healthcare and making it more affordable o the villagers.

Get 20 to 30% discounts on the medicines, do urine and blood tests in just minimum rupees. Consult any specialist virtually from the baap experiences center.


Farmer’s now will have access to all the agriculture tools on their mobile app, we’ve brought affordable farming tool leasing platform for the farmers.

Get animal feeds, fertilizers, pesticides in the wholesale price delivered to your doorstep using a click of button from the baap farmer’s app.


At our CSC center, we help farmer’s to access all the government services easy. Our team is constantly working on building a AI based solution and documentation platform to easily execute any government scheme, aadhar update, loans and access to lawyers, CAs from a virtual platform from the baap’s experience center.


Get the fix pricing to your farm produce, sell the agricultural yield using your mobile app and get the good pricing from the end user. The baap company’s marketplace platform assures better pricing and export support to farmer’s for their farm produce.We have built and ecosystem to reach out to the end customers from the farm directly.


Fashion is costly and when it comes to rural area’s, it is way more expensive than the common people’s budget. We are making it affordable through our manufacture’s network. We are offering top quality garments to the rural India through our BAAP experiences center, where you get variety of clothing brands under to single roof in affordable price.




At the baap company, we are working on various projects and initiatives which can impact the lives of the village people. We are bringing technology to their fingertips using various mobile apps. There are various problems in the rural India, we don’t have right pricing for the farm produce. We built marketplace to let farmer sell using their mobile. We make sure they get right price for their produce. We are also providing various services under our BAAP EXPERIENCE CENTER, which allows them to lease the farm tools, get medicines in the discounted price, talk to doctor’s virtually.

An app for the farmers to sell their farm produce to the international market. Marketplace is creating impact on the lives of the people in villages. We have been able to provide right price for the right people

Lease the farming equipments and workers easily from the app. Get quick access to lot of shared resources from the agriculture warehouses and banks.

organization works to improve the lives of children around the world, including providing education and healthcare services in rural communities.

Workbook allows you to manage your employees, time, payroll and attendance in one single app on your mobile with options for biometric, card and AI based people management solutions.

baap.tv is the platform for providing voice and talent stage for the rural India. We encourage rural talent to showcase themselves to the world.

Connect with advocate, chartered accountants, political connection and other people for help in any matter.


We have world class tech talent to solve your complex business problems. Strong 120+ engineering teams and 200+ trainees together are transforming the lives of millions of the people in India and overseas. We have experts available in many cutting edge technologies.


The baap company has revolutionized the way technical education should be taken. We train and educate students after 12th for three years, during three years at the baap company, they work on real projects, learn and practice technology extensively, polished their communication skills and excel beyond any other engineering students.
You can hire this talent who is well trained, very well polished and ready to start next day on any project.


The baap company that provides digital marketing services to clients, including website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, and other digital marketing strategies.
Brand building refers to the process of establishing and enhancing a brand's reputation and recognition among its target audience. This involves developing a brand identity, creating consistent messaging and visual elements, and executing effective marketing campaigns that build trust and credibility with consumers.

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the baap company
Transforming the way we learn. Now learn in the corporates directly.

baap experiences
Changing the life of villages and farmers with revolutionary tech platforms.

The voice of rural India. We voice the rural indian youth to the world.

One platform for farmer’s produce.

baap cares, foundation
Social wing to support the needy people, bringing in the change in the society.


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