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    World class software dev team with quality products like CRM, ERP, eCommerce, SalesMan POS etc as SaaS.

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    Practical and AI enabled education with degree like BCA, MCA, MBA, 11th & 12th with job assistance.

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    Easy and affordable farm products like seeds, feeds , pesticides and others delivered through technology

Business Applications Platform

Suite of Products to automate your business & Institutions

School ERP
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World’s most affordable CRM, with add on likes order management, quotations, team management and communications.

One click lead upload from Facebook, Insta, WhatsApp or Google sheets.

Ability to run Call, WhatsApp, Text, Email Campaign.

Add ons
Order Management
Inventory & Stock Management

Three years AI enabled BCA/MCA program

Practical and AI enabled education with degree like BCA, MCA, 11th & 12th with job assistance.


Bachelor of Computer Application, that’s what your certificate will say on graduation but you’ll have much much more to share. Curriculum of The BAAP Company moves with the time, it keeps students relevant with the time as they are progressing in academics.

What’s more…..?

What we offer is accelerated learning. We’ve been techies all our life, we know what to do and more importantly- what not to do. Till this date you may have realized that your learning matches your environment.You would be a techie in no time soon as well. This environment is built in a way, your progress will almost feel serendipitous.

See you at the campus !


Cattle Feeds

Malkin Cattle Feed
Choti Malkin

Malkin Cattle Feed

Malkin is a cattle feed for cattles, particularly for cows yielding milk over 18 liters per day. Combination of 24% protein and 4% fat doesn’t just increase the milk yield and improves the quality of milk, particularly the fat content and SNF which amplifies the monetary yield. Moreover, focusing on mere yield would be a ‘not so smart’ approach if you are a farmer. Health of a cow matters in the long run. A healthy cattle bears a healthy calf. It's in the best interest of the farmer to feed her cattles with feed that ensures better dietary contents. That's where Malkin Cattle Feed stands. Better for milk yield, quality, health and longer milking periods and fertility.

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